Any other low-level controller, instead of Quatos?

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Any other low-level controller, instead of Quatos?

Postby Grigoriy » Tue Jul 04, 2017 5:35 am


1. Are there any other options for a low-level controller for AQ M4? (besides Quatos)

When we bought the first AutoQuad drones (AQ6) to our Lab, we bought them (not me) from some company with an L1 controller and fully calibrated. Since then that company disappeared and we had to switch to Quatos controllers when we bought AQ M4 and we bought a new AQ6 board, for which we don't have a license key for L1 controller.

With L1 controller AQ6 drones flew perfectly (indoor, with an indoor GPS signal, which has a rate more than 40Hz). With Quatos neither AQ6 nor AQ M4 work stably.

2. Is it reasonable to expect AQ M4 to fly stably with a Wi-Fi board on top of it? (see attached picture)

It is pretty light and small, but the M4 is also tiny. M4 drones flew fine with original setup without indoor GPS. When I attached markers and attached the self-designed PCB board with a connector for Wi-Fi board, the drone was not able to keep its position stably. (for example, if I let it just keep its position, at some point it started oscillating and become crazy).

3. Is it possible to request a help from the company in setting up the drone?
We bought several drones and Quatos licence for them.

This forum is better than nothing, but sometimes nobody answer the questions. For example here: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=4876

I saw the tutorials and followed them the best I could, but the drones with Quatos never flew even half as good, as drones with the L1 controller (from the company, which doesn't exist anymore).

4. Is there any option to buy a Wi-Fi board designed or supported by AutoQuad?
(instead of our self-designed PCB board with a simple Wi-Fi board) Bluetooth will not be good enough: we tried a simple Bluetooth board, but it looked that the signals were often not delivered.

Thank you for your time!
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