Crashing of AQ/Tolerance to Voltage Spikes?

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Crashing of AQ/Tolerance to Voltage Spikes?

Postby phynix » Sun Jun 07, 2015 7:07 pm

Unfortunately, I have to report a couple of additional Crashes of the AQ. In mid flight, the AQ randomly just stops working (resulting in stopped Motors and the "Stone-Mode" of the copter. :?

I had this issue about a year ago, back then I was told that it is probably due to a configuration that got corruppted by the combination of bluetooth and Hott. So, I reflashed the firmeware and never connected a bluetooth module. Some cable also got re-routed. It flew fine for numerous flights with and without camera.

But now after some changes in the routing of the cables do to another burned UltraESC, it started again to crash. So this time, the corrupted Config is nor very likely :).

Again, I hooked up a Scope to a couple of lines and discovered, that there seem to be more or less global EMI/EMV pulses. They come most likely from the UltraESC and as they are a little bit hard to measure I can only guess that they are sometimes well above the 5V. How critical would such peaks be in the signal lines of the AQ? I also have them in the RC-Channel-IN (SUMD) - they also appear if I disconnect all ESC-PWM-lines from the AQ and plug in only one directly into the RC-receiver (the SUMD-signal and +5V still connected to the AQ). This Isolated case already can already cause the AQ to stop working!!! :evil:

So, could it be that the UltraESC produce relatively high noise and the AQ is sensitive to it?!?

Edit: Can someone report similar observations? Does someone have suggestions how to further investigate this? As I consider my drones as a safety critical application, I am realy willing to find out the cause for that issue and then get rid of it.

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