Number of satelites doesn't work

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Number of satelites doesn't work

Postby EX_TRUE » Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:54 am

1. On the Qgroundcontrol, number of GPS satellites is 255.So does the MavLink2Duplex telemetry.
The AQ firmware code doesn't encode the visible satellites of Ublox.
If there anyone have tried to encode the number of satellites successfully:D

2. After long time test, I found that the AQ6 is quite sensitive to GPS quality,
The AQ6 could fly good when GPS is well shield. But it would crash if shield not well or sudden drop of GPS quality. :?:
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Re: Number of satelites doesn't work

Postby Florian75 » Thu Aug 06, 2015 8:25 pm


1: For the number of satelites you need an additionall NMEA Message. You have to look at the "horizontal accuracy" (Hacc) This shows how good can the µBlox calculate the position. It is much better than the numbers of satelites! i.e. you can count 9 satelites but if they are all near the horizon, your position is very bad.

2: Yes. Have a look at the Hacc. And wait a little bit with flying after connecting the Battery. The Hacc becomes better and better. If your Shield is good AND your Antenna is good AND no Sunstorm AND you are on a free field you can reach Hacc = 0,3m.

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