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Want to finally build 600mm quad... need advice.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 4:36 pm
by Mullet
Long story short I started my quadcopter journey with AutoQuad... started with M4 and Ladybird and had great success. Then I built a racing style drone with M4 and came to the realization that AQ is better for mission and GPS utilization vs. racing/freestyle like Cleanflight/Betaflight, etc. Thus I built more quads, but found those platforms to suit my needs vs. AQ. Now I am back and want to use some hardware that I have collected...

I have an AQ6 with Dimu and 4x ESC32 v2... I'd like to build a 600mm quad. I like the r0sewhite frames, but I feel they might be a little more expensive than I want to pay for a frame. Any recommendations on a good 600mm frame? I'm not sure this one would have a gimbal system, but it might be nice to do... so if I'm adding a payload like a camera, then what size and kv motors are best for this application? Also what S battery is usually used? 5S, 6S? What prop size would be used with this size craft?

Finally, what are some good stores to buy from that would carry items for larger multi-rotors, preferably in the US? It seems like there are tons of options for FPV style quads, but not as much for the larger multi-rotors.