Feedback needed from DIMU users

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Feedback needed from DIMU users

Postby Max » Sun Jul 20, 2014 7:29 pm

Anyone flying/trying DIMU with AQ6, need your feedback please. We're interested in your experiences with basic manual mode flying -- overall attitude and altitude stability, and responsiveness to manual control and external forces (wind). Especially in comparison to the stock AIMU and/or on a craft which is known to fly well (no physical issues, pitch/roll/yaw imbalance, or the like).

  1. Did you like DIMU with default PIDs and/or motor mix? If not, what did you have to change, and were you happy with the result?
  2. Which ESCs are/were you using? If ESC32, which control method (PWM or CAN)?
  3. Was the MR under/over powered? Or close to 50% motor output for hover? (This is important, and doesn't always match where your throttle stick is physically during hover... check your AQ logs or E-Calc if you're not sure.)
  4. What motors/props? Mostly interested in how quickly they can physically react to changes -- smaller props with quick changes or large paddles with slower reaction time.
  5. Have you compared DIMU and the original AIMU on the same craft? If so, what were your initial impressions?
  6. Some info on which firmware version(s) you use or have tried could be helpful, especially if you have found a "favorite."

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Re: Feedback needed from DIMU users

Postby plexus » Mon Jul 21, 2014 2:01 pm

Hi Max,
My config Hexa + ,Frame alu home made, 56cm motors to motors

1 ----> DIMU with default pid OK
2-----> ESC32 + CAN
3-----> Hover at 50%
4-----> T Motors 2216-12, 800 Kv, prop Graupner 10X5
5-----> Dimu seems to be better than AIMU but not easy to see.
6-----> Firm R397

Fly very well and very good stability in wind.
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