Unstable keeping position after adding a Wi-Fi board

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Unstable keeping position after adding a Wi-Fi board

Postby Grigoriy » Fri Sep 30, 2016 1:59 am


I have some issues when I try to stabilize my AQ M4, during flying indoors. For flying indoors I added markers and a Wi-Fi board on top of the UAV. See picture here: https://s12.postimg.org/xq2drfxal/Fig1.jpg

But the UAV is not able to keep the position. Most of the time, it can stabilize around its position, but sometimes it's starting oscillating in one axis (or in two axes to produce increasing circles).

I tried to tune the PID controller, responsible for keeping position. It looks that it had less overshoot, but nethertheless, even when the UAV already stabilized around its position sometimes it is still starting oscillating (I suspect that it's from the inner control loop on motors). I think that the reason of these oscillations are wrong parameters for the Quatos controller. Because I modified hardware (by adding markers and Wi-Fi board), probably I need to change parameters..
I still use standard one, but probably I need to modify them somehow..

I suspect that somehow I need to change parameters: IMU_ACC_BIAS_X, IMU_ACC_BIAS_Y, IMU_ACC_BIAS_Y, IMU_GYO_BIAS_X, ... and maybe something else..

Did anybody had similar issues when you were a little bit upgrading AQ M4? Yes, it's only 30 grams, but without adding Wi-Fi board, it is not feasible provide indoor GPS signal..

How do you think, can these parameters be the main reason of unstable keeping position? Do you know a way to measure these parameters, that I can write them and Quatos will be able to understand better the model, it tried to control?..

Thank you very much for you time!!
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