Reliability DIMU: reports of success / incidents

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Reliability DIMU: reports of success / incidents

Postby phynix » Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:16 am


as I think that I am not the only one that would like to have some statistical information about the reliability of the AQ + DIMU with the current software (e.g. > r372), I would like to start a collection of reports. So, if you had already a certain number of successful flights with the DIMU, maybe you can just provide a brief note here. But also if you had a incident that might be related to a malfunction of the AQ, please let us know!

So far, I consider the performance of the DIMU as a great improvement. That is why I would love to put it on my large Octo - even so I know that it has to be considered as experimental right now (But I had some trouble with my "old" board with AIMU running r224... So I would feel better replacing it with my DIMU-board).

Ok, lets start:

Quad/0,9kg/r380/parameters from Jussi + tare:
about 15 flights showing great performance without any problems. Can be tuned very agile!
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Re: Reliability DIMU: reports of success / incidents

Postby rput » Tue Apr 29, 2014 1:53 pm

Good idea@Phynix

I have flown about 20 flights for parameter tuning on a 2.5kg quad using just tare. One bad crash using automatic take-off in mission mode. Not sure why it crashed, it was not logging (wrong SD card), but it was not very well tuned at the time.

Currently still needs additional tuning for navigation, but other than that it flies well. Will also do full calibration soon.
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