My AQ M4 Nano Quadcopter build

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My AQ M4 Nano Quadcopter build

Postby MJ666 » Sun Mar 22, 2015 9:52 am

Here is some information for my AutoQuad M4 build. It's fitting my carbon Quadcopter frame quite well. I used two layers of square foam pads for mounting. This is the same as for my other builds. The Velcro tape to secure the battery need to go underneath the M4. I'm using an 750mAh Turnigy Nano-Tech battery. She had maiden flight last night in my living room. ;) Some outside flying will follow soon. The GPS lock with the dipole is quite fast outside (less then 30s) after an initial sat fix. Still need to do the mag calibration. The tool for converting the declinations looks to be not in the GCS anymore? I also need to fine tune some transmitter settings (need to free up a second 3 position switch). I'm using an Walkera Devo 10 transmitter with Deviation 4.01 firmware (12 cannels, DSMX) with the build in DSM receiver. The rubber loops only hold the motor wires in place. The wires are quite long (10mm) since I have CL-0820-15 motors from an early batch without the prefitted plugs.Here is the link to my Nanocopter thread at the MultiWii Forum: ... 1ddd247b6c

The Nano Quadcopter frames can be found here:

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Re: My AQ M4 Nano Quadcopter build

Postby kinderkram » Sun Mar 22, 2015 10:05 am

Nice build!
Make sure to capture a video of the outdoor maiden flight. ;)

btw: the declination tool is still in QGC but has wandered to "Other Tools".
Since it´s a standalone executable you can also start the "AQ_IMU_Calibration.exe" from within the QGC folder.
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Re: My AQ M4 Nano Quadcopter build

Postby MJ666 » Sun Mar 22, 2015 7:22 pm

Sorry some outside maiden already happened without video. ;) Have also done the mag calibration now. But the scale values in the configuration stay at 1? The mag in the GCS is showing directions but is not really pointing to north. Is the sensor orientation also compensated like for Gyro and ACC (-135)? It was quite windy today and I can see some wobble. Using the Ladybird v2 settings with the Quatos settings from the initial Ladybird configuration. This has reduced wobble a bit but is still present.

Code: Select all
QUATOS_AM1                         -15
QUATOS_AM2                         -25

Unfortunately my GPS dipole was hit by a propeller and I was not able to find it anymore. So I needed to build a new one. I'm looking to find some material to make it more stiff.
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