10ct Roll Cage for my li'l Sucker

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10ct Roll Cage for my li'l Sucker

Postby kinderkram » Tue Jul 29, 2014 8:12 pm

Now that my spare parts came in - after she decided to fall into pieces - I decided to protect the precious with a roll cage.

Found a simple solution: 4pcs of 3mm zip ties and 2 short pcs of heat shrink (dark red to stay within the AQ CI).
- destroy the lid in the zip ties with a small screw driver or the like
- cut the zip ties to a length of your liking
- cut 2 pcs of short heat shrink (2-3cm)
- put 2 zip ties through the heat shrink, so they match, shrink it
- push the lid parts gently(!) over the arms of the M4 and adjust them as you like


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