AQ6 shrediquette BOLT

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AQ6 shrediquette BOLT

Postby Blacksails » Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:12 pm

Hi guys,

Whilst shopping on viacopter for a simplebgc board I threw the AQ6 beta board into the basket too, just on a whim, as I've been very interested in it. The board turned a few days ago and I've soldered the headers ect onto the board but am awaiting 6x esc32, Uart and Bluetooth from flyduino.

I didn't really have any plans on what I was going to use it for but have decided that I'm finally going to complete my tiny little shrediquette BOLT frame with it. I've built BOLT's before, at twice the size of the original and they fly lovely / look incredibly cool...but this is my first time building it to William Thielicke's original size.

As far as I know, this is the smallest AQ project taken on to date with a max dimension of only 21 cm so should be quite interesting. I'm desperate for this to work out. Having a hex of this tiny size with full autonomy is a little dream of mine.

I'll update this thread with pictures etc as the build progresses and parts are delivered. I've attached the ecalc for a rough outline of the build. Weight has been ever so slightly over-estimated just to be on the safe side....but looks as though it may have just enough grunt to haul a gopro black for a few minutes, although I have no clue where I would mount it.
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Re: AQ6 shrediquette BOLT

Postby LPR » Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:35 am


Fun project. I build maybe the smallest AQ quad and that has 9" props. I've watch Williams progress for years, always interesting and I see his is still looking into the details of multicopters.
The only problem I see in building a small AQ copter is that the magnetometer will have power wires very close to it. Great care in how the power is distributed to the motors will be needed. You might want to remove the headers after you get the AQ Bolt flying, every gram of weight will be very important with those small props.

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