Motor glitches with Horyzon cam

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Re: Motor glitches with Horyzon cam

Postby teramax » Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:08 pm

OK, time to sum up a little, in my case (GR12 PPM reciever ore GR24) i get tiny hickups from BT when not connected (link established), also glitches at CHANNEL_QUALITY from an cheap HK servo used to tilt the camera, hard glitches when using the 300mAh konstant-power-board for my 3x3W LED floodlight.
And dont forget the jD-io board wich causes a fiew short hooks in the graph.
When using 2 Yeti bec for all this devices the lines are mostly flat and i coud live with that.
But 2 extra BEC on one rig????
Now collected 84 log´s with all thinkable possibilities but the only realy clean log is the one i used the Spectrum satelite.
somehow everything can fly
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Re: Motor glitches with Horyzon cam

Postby CaptainPlanetHD » Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:19 pm

teramax, thats interesting, i might order a sbus receiver and test it with that if it shows some difference. but initially i just wanted to fly with my horyzon cam - lol. tested tested tested and still not flown fpv. my naza did not have these probs...
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Re: Motor glitches with Horyzon cam

Postby Jessestr » Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:01 pm

Think it's the best to setup the AQ with the fewest parts as possible. And then upgrade step by step. Do like 10 flights with data logging per step you do. (a step could be like adding the horyzonhd) and if it keeps working then you can add more stuff.

If you add more stuff and it gets buggy.. You can try to use the one component that's buggy alone.. without other added stuff.. Maybe it doesn't bug alone but only when other equipment is added.. Just a nice way to avoid most problems and you can directly know whats causing a problem like that.
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