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Re: simonk esc calibration

Postby afernan » Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:19 pm

Step by Step to calibrate SimonK-ESC (by Flyduino) on AQ for motors RCTimer 3050

I have quite different start points in four motors, that is not nice. It took me long time to discover how to get it right, mainly due to my FUTABA FP8 that was driving me crazy. Finaly, Igot it. Below the step by step.

1) Plot the pwm balues of your Tx. In my case (Futaba FP8) I use a program "APM2_radio", under "ARDUINO0100-relax". Use serial monitor included to plot it. (other methods are also posible and maybe more simple). The program can be found here: ... _radio.pde

2) Tune the Tx END POINTS until you get pwm limits min/max = 1125 - 1950.

Note. In the case of Futaba FP8, using THRO "normal/rev" the limits are:

THR 129 140 112 135 / 1950 1125 NOR To use with AQ
THR 103 129 112 135 / 1125. 1949 REV To calibrate the SimonK ESC and the FP8

3) Using an external Rx, connect each ESC one at the time and calibrate as usual:
a) Switch OFF the ESC. Put THR stick to max (to the top, corresponding to max pwm = 1950).

Note that in the case of the Futaba FP8 we need to use the values of the REV case. That is, put the END POINTS: (103,129,112,135) and use REVERSE for Ch3. Withat we get lower pwm with stick at the bottom, and vv.

b) Switch ON the ESC. One Beep sound.Move the THRO to min. 3xshort beep + long beep. That´s it.

4) In the case of the FP8 we need to use THR in NORMAL for AQ, so we need to change now in the Tx the END POINTS corresponding to normal (129,140,112,135), and Ch3 to NORMAL. Now the four motors start at a time.

Good luck
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Re: simonk esc calibration

Postby flyrobot » Wed Nov 20, 2013 7:45 am

Hi Angel,

I have tried re calibrate the simonk firmware without any luck, the center trottle always on 70%.
now im going try using your way calibrate the esc. try to download the pde link but seems the file not exist anymore.

could you please send the file ?

Many thanks,

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