Requested param list.. waiting

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Requested param list.. waiting

Postby Grigoriy » Sun Nov 27, 2016 5:36 pm


I try to configure a new AQ6 board, but I cannot connect it through a serial port (via UART Bridge).
On QGroundControl v.1.6.1 (it was intalled a while ago) it says "Requested param list.. waiting". And I cannot configure PWM ports for flying even in simplest manual mode.

In QGroundControl v.3.0.2 it says about error in connecting through a serial port, plus about Mavlink version or Baudrate mismatch.

I installed the newest version of QGroundControl on Windows and Ubuntu - result is the same.

I use Baudrate 115200 (as I know, it's a default value for new AQ6 boards). The board was bought around 1-2 years ago (It might have diffferent Baudrate or Mavlink version?)

When I try to connect AQ M4 - it connects perfectly and I can read all parameters..

Could you please give me a hint how to solve this issue?
Thank you for your time!!
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Re: Requested param list.. waiting

Postby LPR » Sun Nov 27, 2016 7:17 pm

When I have trouble connecting to GCS using a serial to USB converter I find that I need to reboot my computer or at least unplug the USB connection and reconnect it. Then close out the QGC and restart it.

You should just connect the ground, Rx and Tx from the FTDI. Your battery should be connected to power the AQ6 board.

A few of the FTDI converters I have don't seem to work with the AQ6.

I always get it to work but often not the first time I try.
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Re: Requested param list.. waiting

Postby Max » Sun Nov 27, 2016 8:30 pm

Only use AQ-specific QGC versions ( -- if the "official" QGC versions work at all, it is only by chance/coincidence.

At least update to QGC 1.6.3.

W/out knowing your actual AQ firmware version, it is hard to give more specific advice. You could try updating the firmware perhaps. It is certainly possible that particular combinations of firmware and QGC versions are not fully compatible, since it is impossible to test them all. Especially with very old firmware versions.

AQ M4 would have newer firmware by default since v6.6 would certainly not run on there.

Also you don't mention if you connect to M4 via UART/serial or direct USB.

Genuine FTDI TTY <-> USB adapters are the best, especially their Windows drivers. I've had various troubles with Silicone Labs (CP210x) and other "knockoffs" and no longer bother using them.

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Re: Requested param list.. waiting

Postby Grigoriy » Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:27 pm

Thanks a lot!
I just got a new serial <-> USB connector and it worked! Thanks for your comments!

Here is a description of serial pins for the AQ6: ... nnections/

Previously I used Silicone Labs (CP210x) serial connector (with this one, I could not read/write parameters of AQ6).
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