QGC Win crashes when connecting to UAV - possible fixes

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QGC Win crashes when connecting to UAV - possible fixes

Postby Max » Thu Mar 03, 2016 4:31 am

I just helped troubleshoot an issue with QGC crashing when connecting to any AQ on a particular Windows 7 computer (worked fine on others). This affects pretty much any version of QGC in the past couple years at least.

If QGC crashes when you connect to AQ, try muting the sound output in QGC before trying to connect. Options menu -> Mute Audio Output. This prevents QGC from using the text-to-speech feature of the operating system. For reasons yet to be determined, if the TTS function doesn't work "properly," this may crash QGC when it tries to talk.

In this particular case this was apparently caused by the computer not having any audio device plugged in (speakers/headphones). But we're not clear if that was the full issue or there is something else affecting the TTS on this computer (perhaps the audio drivers, or something). I'm also not sure if other apps trying to use TTS also crash or if it's a QGC problem in particular.

If I can determine a way to prevent this in QGC, I will, but for now this is a good workaround to try.

Another good thing to try if you have problems when connecting to a UAV, or starting QGC at all, is to reset all the settings to default. You can do this quickly to opening a command prompt in the QGC directory (Windows users: shift-right-click on the folder to get the option). Then run:
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qgroundcontrol_aq --fresh

To get your old settings back (assuming that didn't fix the problem) run:
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qgroundcontrol_aq --swap

If all else fails, run:
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qgroundcontrol_aq --console >qgclog.txt

Run QGC until it crashes, then PM me the resulting qgclog.txt file.

If you have problems connecting to an AQ M4 via USB (eg. device not recognized), especially on Intel USB3 controllers, make sure you have the latest drivers installed from Intel, NOT just from the manufacturer of your computer or motherboard. Sometimes Intel's d-load links are broken :roll: but you can still find the drivers online at many reputable distribution sites.

Hope that helps!
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