QGC freezes during RC setup

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QGC freezes during RC setup

Postby r0sewhite » Mon Nov 05, 2012 1:25 pm

While setting up my RC channels yesterday, I found out that QGC always freezes or even causes a bluescreen when the signal of a channel is too high or too low.

OS: Win7 x64 (also testet on WinXP x86)
QGC: v1.0.1, AQ Widget v1.0.4
Receiver: Spektrum satellite, bound on DSM2, 10bit

One could advice not to exceed the maximum of a channel's signal (I think the GUI freezes if a signal exceeds 1000) but the problem is that each time I activate a new channel on my radio, it starts with 100% travel way.

On channels which are assigned to sticks, there was an easy workaround: After activating the channel, I set the travel way from 100% down to 40% before I did a first stick movement. Then I increased the range to set the endpoints. Unfortunately this is not possible with channels that are assigned to a switch because they will always be at one endpoint after activating.

Is it something you can fix? My raid controller had a lot of work last night to rebuilt the raid 3 times until I found the reason. ;)
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Re: QGC freezes during RC setup

Postby skew » Mon Nov 05, 2012 3:06 pm

I set mine up for first time yesterday. But I never had any issues with QGC freezing I ran the win7 x64 & mac osx version of QGC. But I am also running s-bus and 3dr telemetry radio. The only thing that is vague in setup is the proper endpoint range I search and the only thing I found was 0/1400 on throttle and -700/700 everything else thats what I set mine at and everything seems to work arming/switching flight modes etc.
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