Questions about sensor fusion

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Questions about sensor fusion

Postby zhlearnaq » Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:21 am


I am learning the flight control system, and interested in the UKF filter used in AutoQuad. I have spend some time on the source code, but i am confused by many problems. Could someone please give me some suggestions on learning more about the sensor fusion that the AQ6 flight controller used with DIMU.

I am so interested in the plane modeling i watched a show video given by model aircraft enthusiasts, and i wish to learn it by myself. I bought firmware online and had done many works to learn attitude calculation, but no one works well enough. When i discovered AutoQuad online, i was immediately amazed by the attitude effect, but when i try to learn it, i find that i don't know how to do well with it. I really feel overwhelmed, but i won't give up.

Here are some phenomenons i encountered after using the source code:
1.The altitude i got is not good enough, the roll, pitch angle may change a lot suddenly and the yaw angle is turning all the time.
2.When i shake my model and then put back the model, the roll and pitch is not zero anymore, it need a few seconds to be zero, what's worse, the filter diverged sometimes.
3.Now i have no optical flow model and GPS model, the velocity and the displacement got by the UKF filter have the same problem with angel which change a lot suddenly.
4.I really don't know what to do now, i am wondering that the process noise, measurement noise such as UKF_VEL_N, UKF_VEL_Q should have effect on the result, am i right? Do the parameters Should be adjusted? And if they need to be changed how to choose the value?
I have been confused for a long time, i am praying for guidance.
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