Strange behaviour after connecting batt

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Re: Strange behaviour after connecting batt

Postby JussiH » Wed Jun 04, 2014 9:38 pm

Its as I suspected, the Z-gyro did not initialize in the Log1 example.

In Log2, it did initialize and everything looks normal.

If you plot voltage 0,1,2 you will see that voltage 2 (z-gyro ADC voltage) is a flat line in Log1.

Its very likely that this is a cold solder joint on the Z-gyro. Its an easy fix if you have a thin tip soldering iron and some paste flux.

The chip is marked "z-gyro" and can be found in the middle IMU section on the top side of the board.

Set the iron to around 300-320C depending on tip mass. Add a little paste flux to the pads on board and chip and then reflow the solder joints by dragging the thin tip over the pads in the corner where the chip and the board intersect.

However...If none of what I just said made any sense. then dont bother. Just send me an email and I will fix it for you under warranty. Alternatively, I could send you a DIMU and you mount it yourself.

A small word of encouragement: The logs are looking good , low vibration levels, good yaw balance. There is a little unbalance in Pitch/roll (pitch is working harder), but its probably some physical unbalance; camera or battery. But nothing too bad.

ACC and GYO data is looking good - Mags are probably not ideally calibrated and there is definately some effect into the Z-axis in flight.
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