AutoQuad 6 + 10x ESC 32

AutoQuad 6 + 10x ESC 32

Postby uszy19922 » Tue Feb 03, 2015 10:11 pm

I got autoquad 6 and 10x esc32 for sale. I wanted to build octo and to have additional esc's (that's why 10).
I have done IMU calibration and than I realised that building octocopter is too much for me.
I don't have money to finish my project that's why I decided to sell AQ.
Esc's were never used, they are brand new. FC didn't flown any time, it wasn't on copter. It was only calibrated and goldpins were soldered. It's nearly brand new also.

I want to sell whole kit with FC and 10x ESC's (you can build whatever you want and sell other esc's)

Price for everything is 75% of the cheapest price. 600euro including shipping. I am from Poland.

If you have other propositions or questions, contact me (phone or email).

Contact informations:
Tel: 0048 783 619 zero zero zero
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