I need 1 Esc32

I need 1 Esc32

Postby Astudillo » Sat Jun 27, 2015 12:26 pm

Hey Guy's

I have one burned esc32v2 on my hexa, and unfortunately no working spares
Been waiting for about 2 months to on the esc32V3's but reading Jussi's message it seems its nog going to be here any time soon.
JussiH wrote:People,

Im afraid we are looking at a delay. Some final things need to be buttoned up in the Firmware, tools and documentation before we can release V3 to the public.

And as most of the team is about to go on vacation, we are probably into late July/early August before ESC32v3 becomes publicly available.

Happy summer


So i was hoping maybe someone has a spare Esc32 i could buy from them, to get me flying again!

Thanks in advance,

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