Searching: ready soldered Kisssys Expansion board

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Re: Searching: ready soldered Kisssys Expansion board

Postby aBUGSworstnightmare » Sat Feb 14, 2015 8:39 am

Hi Jussi,

looking good! I was a little scared about using metal self-clinching standoffs, so whats your impression?

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Re: Searching: ready soldered Kisssys Expansion board

Postby JussiH » Sat Feb 14, 2015 8:33 pm

Thanks, guys.

I will send you one of these updated versions. I moved some things slightly to make room for standoffs and add the M2 pressnuts to secure the M4 to the expander. So its now a perfect fit for a Leora or any other Nanowii based frame. You are gonna love it and I worked out pretty good PID´s for it too.

It works nicely with the Brass M2 inserts. I stack a bunch of washers onto the screw that holds it in place to keep either of the boards from warping and both lined up to each other. Later there will be a plastic spacer, but with china on vacation its gonna take a while before they get here....;-)


Of course it wouldnt be right if everything was right. So these production prototypes was made on 1mm PCB by manufactorers error. It makes it a little tricky to solder the servo connectors when the board was designed to be 1.6mm.

I also swapped the Silkscreen marking for M7 and M8 :oops: . But its all cosmetic and the boards are working just fine, so I will make them available instead of waiting 4-6 weeks for a new run to be completed.

The hardware used can be found here: ... rews,-nuts
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