Vertical motor header pins

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Vertical motor header pins

Postby Max » Thu Aug 23, 2012 7:26 pm

In case anyone wants vertical pins for their output headers, it's easily doable and turned out quite sturdy. Maybe this is obvious to some people... but here's a proof of concept. Just use double-row angled header pins. See pics.

On the side of the pins that attach to the AQ, I had to clip some of the pins a bit to a) push them on far enough to make it sturdy but not touch some of the components on the board, and b) so the middle pin doesn't contact the 5v solder pad.

You'll see I also clipped away some of the esc-side pins I don't need -- this is not required, just my preference. I also installed some of the "standard" vertical pins in case they come in handy some day. The verticals just have a smaller footprint when everything is connected (fits inside an 8cm mini-CD case, my preferred stack enclosure). The pins marked with red Sharpie are connected to 5v.

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