Is AQ6 discontinued?

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Re: Is AQ6 discontinued?

Postby JussiH » Tue Aug 23, 2016 1:43 pm

There is a few AQ6 left in stock, but I need to make some DIMUs for them. I´ll probably make them within the next 3 weeks, and put them up for sale at a very reduced price.

Adam is working on a new prototype for the AQX (AQ10), which is gonna be a board aimed at professionals. Form Factor is 50*50 mm, with NEO style GPS module, 2 CAN Buses, uSD and MPU 9250/MS5611 IMU.

We have plans for a smaller AQ "Race" board, but I dont think its realistic that it will end up at 50 Dollars...with a decent switching regulator, GPS module and uSD, its simply not possible. It only will be made if there is interest for chime in if you would want one....We are aiming it at a price around the 99 EUR mark.
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Re: Is AQ6 discontinued?

Postby Max » Tue Aug 23, 2016 7:55 pm

The Elle0 looks pretty good for a firmware port, though will at least require new driver for IMU (MPU9250, which I guess we'll need for "AQX" as well). Not sure I see much of an advantage over an M4 board though. W/out a GPS module you cold save a bit of money on it, and the 8 port and UART connectors are already broken out which can be useful and save some space. Otherwise seems like M4 is a better value. Elle0 USB port is only useful for firmware flashing (from what I can tell), which seems like a waste of space to me. The M4 USB port has been key to getting HILS working due to the high transfer speeds. Ethernet connector is big + heavy, and CAN to PC adapters are rare + expensive (last I checked).

Perhaps leaving GPS module off a "race" board could lower price? Would lighten it up as well. Not sure how many racers need GPS, nor is it very useful on a micro build. Put it on an add-on board/expander, or something...?

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Re: Is AQ6 discontinued?

Postby Shogun » Sun Aug 28, 2016 12:08 pm

As AQ came to market it was kind of revolutionary because it used an F4 and had decent autonav features. Best was it did not have these compass problems what is still a big downside to other platforms. I really liked this board and it's good to hear there are efforts to bring us a successor.

Evolution does not stop. This year it is computer vision, just to mention Phantom 4 or Snapdragon Flight board. Intel announced a platform to the end of the year. You can already buy Dobby Drone with Snapdragon Flight at around 350USD, not perfect for most of us but these days the same company will bring their Ying Drone with comparable functionality to market.

There is no room any more for high priced boards with features that we already have. Give us something revolutionary again, please!
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Re: Is AQ6 discontinued?

Postby bluuu » Sun Aug 28, 2016 11:36 pm

I can't agree with this point of view.

AQ was (and IS) a specially designed AS flight controller for working in specific conditions. There are a lot of parts specialy for it. Most of cheap FCs is a MCU and Vregs without any protection. Of course it can work in some conditions.

Something like engine driver, you can use e.g RPi for steering diesel engine so ... why specialised computers costs much more ?

Other thing is a power consuption, for what using hyper frequencies of clock when we dont't need it ? (exept video features) it makes only hot, nothing else (in this case).

Even other thing ... lots of high freq RFs - wifi, BT, GPS, RC, VTX ? in the same time ... it's not a good thing without some knowledge about using it

And a Linux onboard .... i really like Linux but not in this kind of application (OOM ? ;) )

My conclusion is ... using right components (like FC) to proper tasks.
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Re: Is AQ6 discontinued?

Postby aBUGSworstnightmare » Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:58 am

Shogun wrote:There is no room any more for high priced boards with features that we already have. Give us something revolutionary again, please!

Will you pay for it? Revolutionary things needs to be developed which will result in costs. You don't want to pa high price --> you need to keep using what's available ...
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Re: Is AQ6 discontinued?

Postby Mullet » Tue Aug 30, 2016 3:31 am

This might work as a cheapo option for AutoQuad firmware... $24.99... c'mon you know you want to... ;)
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Re: Is AQ6 discontinued?

Postby brat002 » Fri Sep 02, 2016 8:54 pm

Autoquad just slowly dies. It is sad. People want features and good price, but got only good stabilization, bunch of wires and magic to configure this.
I switched back to tarot ZYX-M and Jiyi P2 pro and pretty happy with it. At least they have auto landing on voltage drop instead of expensive crash with autoquad. ZYX-M with gps, voltage sensor and osd costs as empty AQ M4 board. Who will spend own money for make life worse. Only if this man is engineer.
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Re: Is AQ6 discontinued?

Postby bluuu » Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:37 am

brat: your comparision is wrong ... you should comparing prices with MK stuff ....

and there is no magic but science :)
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Re: Is AQ6 discontinued?

Postby SuperSharpShooter » Thu Oct 20, 2016 3:26 am

I've just rebuilt my AQ UAP2 Y6, and it flies great, but the only thing that makes it not so useful, is no ability to plan grid flights. I end up having to cart two drones around to jobs, one for stills with the rx100, and another with a pixhawk and hard wired nex5 for mapping flights.
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Re: Is AQ6 discontinued?

Postby afernan » Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:24 am

AQ is well alive (..maybe it took a break for a while) but alive.

AQ is a great product already with both AQ6 and with M4/N4. I´ve largely flown both in very different platforms (from nano to 800 HEXA) and works great, IMHO the best in the "non" military market (.. or even them!).

But maybe it´s not easy to setup (it´s advised in the first page of the wiki ! ) and maybe a bit expensive, but this is a relative term... if you want the best. A big effort has been done in that sense with the M4 design, keeping perfo and price/2.

Some comments:

- M4/N4 flight performances are very close the same than a half price and size. You can do all you need. Used with ESC32V3 gives an incredible machine. I´ll post soon my last design using that: a 400-quad that flies better than ever, plenty of performances. I love M4!.
- fw "Feature Integration" r1923 works very well. Lot of hours flying without any issue in both AQ6 and M4. For me is a good RC. QGC1.7beta3 is also a very stable version.
- Agree with Adam that we need a "coherent" set of h/w, mainly board and ESC, but not only: GPS, frame, motors, propeller, Tx). I´m using almost the best of each in order to get the best of AQ. This is mandatory. The worst element in the chain will set the full quality level of your machine.
- Max is the head of the development. His work is of a high professional level quality and a key factor of the AQ success. This is something that is not paid enough (althought maybe we should try...).
- Now I´m using a FrSKY HORUS with my M4 and its even a step forward in performances and telemetry !

I don´t think the price should be "the" design driver for AQ. It´s simply "one of them" but sure not in the first place. As in real life: a good compromise between design drivers is the key.

At least from my side I´ll keep pushing up to the limits of my knoledge and available time. It really worths!

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