AQ6 with KISS-ESC issue....

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AQ6 with KISS-ESC issue....

Postby Crizz » Fri Aug 28, 2015 9:23 pm

Hi folks,

have a strange behaviour on my AQ6 and does not know how to fix it.

When I use 4s batteries, i have several "wiggles" , like commutation fails or anything else. This happens onl during the first 30...35% of capacity, after that it flies nice and stays absolutely solid on PosHold, no wiggle, no tremors.

Today i tested it with 3s batteries (re-adjusted throttle-scale for it ) and had a clean flight right from the begining.

Is this a know issue of the 18A KISS-ESC ? Maybe because of running at its end of specs ?

I tried almost everything with the parameters to fix the problem, but i can´t find any setting that really helps, so i reconsider if 3s setup is powerful enough and will do more testings during the WE, though i wouldnt be happy selling all the 4s batteries again.

Could it may help to reduce the motor outputs (thrust) from 100 to 80 and raise throttle-scale ? thats the onl thing i havent tried because i´m not sure how this setting works and havent found any hint at the AQ6-documentation.

I dont know, but maybe my x8 with 4 kg total weight is simply overpowered with 4s ? Thats why i was considering about reducing thrust in mixing-table but not sure if this would lead to success.

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Re: AQ6 with KISS-ESC issue....

Postby LPR » Sat Aug 29, 2015 3:49 pm


Hard to now what your problem is. Do you have a SD card on your copter? A log would show if your have RC control glitches or that there are ESCs that momentarily cutout because of overloading. I would think if you have quite a bit of vibrations the high voltage may cause enough heat build up to make the Kiss ESCs cut out.

If that is happening it would show in a log because the control signals for the motor that stopped working would spike to full throttle till the motor restarted.

The 4s voltage could be causing other problems perhaps with the RC receiver and again a SD Card log would show that also.

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Re: AQ6 with KISS-ESC issue....

Postby Crizz » Sat Aug 29, 2015 10:15 pm

Larry, this leads to nowhere - not ever problem can simply blamed by vibrations. And believe me, on my further problems we had checked the logs, and sensors say that i have very, very little vibrations influence. Otherwise i wouldnt clearly asked if this behaviour is already known in this combination. I even checked logs of 3s / 4s hovering but cant find big differences - But thanks four your help, i appreciate it alot.

This afternoon i simply tested redcing thrust-level and it seems to work, but need to to do more comparison of the setups to be sure about, but it looks like i´m comming step ahead with the problem.
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