Mag calib does not run - help needed

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Re: Mag calib does not run - help needed

Postby Crizz » Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:44 pm

okay, maybe my firmware revision before was below the named version - and thats what confused me.

About SD-card : card is still installed, did the whole calibrations for IMU - and just when i gathered all data, DIMU was available , thats why i decided to upgrade. Its a class-10 and it worked fine in each environment on the calibrations duty, thats why i kept it into the slot. But really - i never heared about saving config params to SD before. Shame on me.

The PPM-chapter i already read before upgrading to DIMU, and i dont know why it didnt work with QGC 1.61 - i used 1.5r6 in the evening and got everything adjusted easily, w/o bouncing stick-values. Will check tomorrow with 1.61 if its still the same or done now, but it was simply strange, have no clue why 1.61 didnt run with the "ppm" setting tonite
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