PWM settings on GCS?

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PWM settings on GCS?

Postby hogster » Mon May 12, 2014 11:23 am

Hi all, me again :D

I've got an easy question for you guys this time ;)

Can someone briefly explain to me what the difference is between the following settings under the 'Misc Settings' tab in the GCS software, particularly the last two?

Min. PWM
Starting PWM

ARM PWM I get, it's the last two that have got me puzzled. The last two actually have the same comment when you hovering over them, so I'm wondering why they can be set to different values?

I've tested one of my ESCs with a servo tester, and the motor starts running at 1050µs, and reaches full throttle at 1950µs (after calibrating the throttle response). So I've set ARM PWM at 1000, Starting AND Min PWM at 1050, and Max. PWM at 1950µs. Does that sound reasonable?

Many thanks, and sorry for the simple question!

David :)
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