Connection lost with 3dr Radio

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Re: Connection lost with 3dr Radio

Postby joebar.rc » Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:53 pm

Issues with range in 3dr radio's is not something for the AQ wiki in my opinion, there are numerous reports with that issues and not related to AQ.
But, I have another last resort check: USB grounding.
I myself had no issues with the 433 radios bu this week i tried some longer range, around 1Km. The signal was dropping beyond usable while on 64Kb airspeed.

Done some research because 3dr had changed the PCB because of interference, turns out the USB connector metal was not grounded.
If you look at the USB module part, you'll notice that it is soldered to pads. On most older clones and older 3dr module, that pad is isolated from the surrounding ground layer, that is obviously a design fault.

If so, just remove some of the paint to get to the copper layer and place a blob of solder over it so the USB connector metal is grounded.
You now what?, it improved my range to 1.4Km @ 115Kb/128Kb airspeed with error correction on and hardly any drops.

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Re: Connection lost with 3dr Radio

Postby Mlozano » Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:56 am

Finally I have received the new 3DR Radio Set from:
Now I can see that the RSSI signal has increased to 200. I have made a simpe test in urban Environment and the range is 500 meters with airspeed parameter set to 64.
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