new hardware revision autoquad?

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Re: new hardware revision autoquad?

Postby JussiH » Fri Mar 07, 2014 4:51 am

The 1.1 DIMU mounts on the J1 and J2 headers. So if you are using some vectornav expansion board that mounts on J1 and J2, then you cant use the DIMU at the same time. Besides, I think that DIMU and VN100 is on the same SPI and possibly also shares interrupts.

But what you could do is to remove the analog IMU section on the V6 board and solder the Chip Carrier version of Vn100 in place of the AIMU. The pads around the V6 AIMU section is a direct match for VN100. That way you could still have an expansion board on J1 and J2.
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Re: new hardware revision autoquad?

Postby TFSyth » Fri Mar 07, 2014 5:53 am

So remove all AIMU items from the IMU square, hot tweezors for the surface mount items and a very fine point iron for the chips? Inspect for any solder/damage on all the pads, then install the VN100. What SW/FW updates/changes need to take place and will it be a nightmare going forward to get it working again? Also I would like to use the CAN bus for the ESC32s, should I just make a board for the can bus or will the DIMU w/ can bus daughter board be over kill or will the two DIMU coexist or fight each other?
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Re: new hardware revision autoquad?

Postby Kisssys » Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:37 pm

You don't need to remove the AIMU components, you will just need to download the correct file for your DIMU version. You could always go back and use the analog components. When the DIMU is available the files will be posted.

I believe Jussi's DIMU has the CAN bus onboard.

The VN100 code hasn't really been used for a long time, you would have to go back before R227 to see it in the code. It's not a plug and play solution and would require some time to make it work. The uncalibrated VN100 modules are expensive and wouldn't gain you anything, the calibrated ones would be nice but would raise the price so high that it's value is very questionable. I tried one a long time ago and was able to talk to the chip but that's as far as I went with it.

It uses the same communication that the DIMU uses so you'd have to use one or the other. I don't think it's worth the time but several of us have entertained the idea off an on.
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