Any plans to change ESC32 PCB layout

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Any plans to change ESC32 PCB layout

Postby jabram » Thu Aug 23, 2012 4:56 am

Trying to mount heat sinks to ESC32 in its current form is not easy [more like mission impossible] without ending up with a fat lump that can never have good airflow for both heat sinks.

The current PCB layout looks like it was done in a hell of a hurry without considering real world use.

FETs on one side of ESC32 board appear to have a fair amount of copper for heat dissipation without an additional heat sink.

On the other dies the copper are is maybe half.

Without additional heat sink one side is going to be a lot hotter than the other side.

Currently if one needs to mount heat sinks on both sides, when attached to a multicopter frame one heat sink will be up against the frame and receive less a airflow than the other side.

Is there a really good reason why ALL the FETs can't ALL be on one side?


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