ESC32 v3 breaking force problem.

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ESC32 v3 breaking force problem.

Postby Georgseema » Sun Nov 15, 2015 10:19 pm


I have been building a robot with esc32 v3's. For motors I'm using small 2-pole inrunners(with inline gearbox 11:1 gear ratio) For me control accuracy is important. Motors will start around 3% duty and are stable at 5% (~3000rpm) I have enabled active freewheeling because it gives motors so much more torque. There is a problem tho: jumping from 15% duty to 5% will stall the motor, because it brakes so hard and there is hardly any mass on the shaft to keep it turning (Motor is connected to a light wheel). I understand that these esc's are meant to be used on drones, but their advanced communication and config options make them also useful for robotics. Could one day there be an option to tune the breaking force?
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