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ESC32 Current drain

Postby Debian » Wed Aug 12, 2015 5:10 pm

Hi guys,
I'm new here and I have a simple question about the ESC32 board. Nice design, working greatly....congratulation again for this wonderful piece of hw and sw.
Anyway, I found something strange. Maybe I am not really an expert. Furthermore I more confident with sw instead of hw, so could be that what I am saying, is possible wrong.
OK...I got 5 ESC32 v2 (one as reserve) for my quadrorotor. Just by case I was looking and playing with the ESC32 Live telemetry program and I noted that the current visualized in the GUI is very small compared to what my motor drain. My motors need a lot of power, but the displayed amps is really low. So I put a voltmeter between the ESC and the Motor to read the real drained current. I realized that there is really a big difference between what is displayed in the program and the real drawn current. And the difference keeps getting bigger by big current flows. So if I read on my multimeter 1 Amp, the software coming with the board says that the motor draws 0.5 Amp. If I increase the current to 8 Amp, the sw says I'm currently feeding the motor with 5 Amps.
Is this normal!?! Or do I forget some basic steps? All of my ESC32 are affected. Do you have the same problem?

Furthermore: looking in the sw I found a defined parameter: ADC_SHUNT_GAIN, which is not explained anywhere. I think that that parameter plays a role. But maybe I m wrong about this. What is that parameter for? Right now it constantly
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#define ADC_SHUNT_GAIN 50.9f
. Is that ok? Should be updated?

Hey guys, many thanks for your efforts. Keep going on!!!!

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