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Re: calib.-file for T-3508 wanted

Postby Crizz » Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:50 pm

Here we go again... finally, the problem seems to be solved : it doesn´t work with ESC v2.x-Firmware, but with v1.4x-Firmware !

After a long discussion with Tilmann from , we figured that he had the same problem in the past with an x8-copter after flashing the v2.x firmware on the ESC32.

So i decided to give it a try - and it´s amazing : MN3508 are running at 32 kHz PWM now and very precise, though i havent sone calibration - will go for it tomorrow, but first impression is very awesome.

I don´t know hwat have changed in the Rev 2.x ESC-firmware, but it must have been a lot more than only CAN-support and direction-selection. (was the only thing that bothered me that way : to take the solder iron and change wiring of some motors instead of simply switching direction. And no : it doest work with a change of direction-param manualy in the file, this is simply ignored in fw 1.4x ).

But like i said - this combination works, and it looks like it will do more than just a good job. Will see after maiden.... :)
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