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"Alternative" ESC32 hardware - "Compatible" Clones

Postby kinderkram » Thu Mar 13, 2014 9:49 pm

You might have heard about "ESC32 Compatible" alternative hardware these days.

I´m sorry to tell you that our small team can´t bare support for 3rd party hardware!

Original (only available at trustful vendors)


"Compatible" (example, can be purchased at various places)


In general there´s nothing wrong with offering alternative hardware that uses our Open Source Code.
It´s also ok to use our ressources, constantly grown over the years like the Wiki, Downloads & Documentation, Tutorial Videos and all that sexy stuff freely available at our sites & servers.

But our project is driven by volunteers, with hardware covered & supported by 2 online shops taking the full finacial risks for prototyping, small beta batch productions, parts sourcing and production runs.
So this is rather no business model than a way to save their azzes before they go broke.

So please have mercy - don´t bother us with problems, we didn´t cause!
In return for our constant efforts you could contribute by calibrating certain prop/motor combos so we can fill our database. But don´t expect us to look at your calibration data if you don´t provide a proper proof of functionality.

In case you need help, please go to the socalled "RTF32" thread that deals with the alternative hardware:

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