MAVLink: Setup of simple groundstation

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MAVLink: Setup of simple groundstation

Postby mhe » Tue Oct 04, 2016 5:50 pm

While working on a very simple ground station that should be able to plan missions, I'm currently experimenting with basic answer and reply communication. I would like my final solution in C# but my "solution" is currently build upon the MAVLink c_uart_example.

I have currently managed to receive a single heartbeat followed by different auto generated frames from the AQ M4 on the computer. On the contrary, I do not see any response from the AQ when I e.g. request the mission list. I simply send a request for the mission list and wait for a response. I use a packet similar to the ones used by QGC and as such suspect another error.

As a beginner in a field that is not very well documented yet, I might just need a brief introduction to how the MAVLink should be set up and communicate - or a pointer to where such information is available (I haven't found it on
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