2 or 3 blade props on a r0sewhite frame

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2 or 3 blade props on a r0sewhite frame

Postby Astudillo » Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:57 pm

Hey guy's

I'm looking for some advice on a new build.

My idea is to build a quad that's easy to travel with and could carry a sony a7r or black magic micro cinema camera, and weights less that 4 kilo's.
After a bit of searching i found that Tillman made the jordana foldable frame with intergraded 2 axis gimbal.

And folded

I think its a awesome looking frame, and coming from Tillman the quality should be top notch.
For quick portability sake i would like to get foldable propellors. But the specs say that the max propellor size on the frame is 14", So 15" is out of the questions. Luckily KDE direct makes 12.5" foldable props. they have them in 2 blade and 3 blade configuration. Choices.. so i read that 3 blade props area bit less efficient, but theoretically will generate less vibration.
also it will hover at lower RPM 6200rpm(103Hz) but with my calculations on the arm of the frame, the natural frequency is 34Hz so that should be enough separation right?

Does anyone has any experience with triple blade propellers?


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